eBook – The Hunter ~ A Ghosts of Grimwood Tale


An ethereal short story for your teatime daydreams

When Grimwood Ranger Sadie treads deeper into the Darkwood than she ought, she witnesses a spectral secret which upends everything she thought she knew of life and death.

Enraptured by the potential of this unsettling discovery, Sadie seeks to capture powers she does not understand, forever changing her view of hunter and prey…

BONUS! Comes with bonus printable illustration, The Anatomy of Spirits.


The Hunter is the first story in the The Ghosts of Grimwood series. If you’re familiar with my ongoing novel, Marmalade’s Love Potion (free to read online!), you will recognise the magical, mysterious places of Grimwood Village and the Darkwood.

In this series of teatime tales, you’ll get to explore the eerie lore and spectral histories of this magical world. These tales are short and spooky slices of companion lore, also serving as perfect standalone stories for your teatime daydreams!

The Hunter eBook is accompanied by a digital illustration titled Anatomy Of Spirits, depicting the spectral nature of the creatures residing within the Darkwood.

“Sadie’s journey is the best blend of compelling and inevitable. It’s entrancing. The wonders she finds as she ranges deeper into the ancient woods are vivid and chilling. The touches of pathos, levity, and sensory stimulus elevate this tightly crafted story to an instantly re-readable favourite.

As a fan of your serial novel set in this same universe, and the snippets from your evocative tea tales, I’m so very pleased with this short-story sized addition to your tales from Edenwood Valley. Learning the history of a Grimwood mythical figure in an hour’s read makes me even more invested in the lore and characters unfolding. I can’t wait to read about more Grimwood Ghosts!”

Aimée T



Sadie had never ventured this deep into the heart of the Darkwood. She wasn’t truly supposed to hunt this far. Her fellow rangers gladly hunted within their designations, tracking prey closer to home where the forest was lighter, less oppressive.

Standing amongst the towering trees, feeling unwelcome in this alien world of glowing corals and rippling roots, Sadie understood why.

Here the trees were ancient and creaking. The canopy twisted overhead in serpentine knots, the sky invisible beyond the silvern leaves.

The violet glow of crinklecap mushrooms illuminated the rough bark of the trees they barnacled, casting eerie undulations of light across the underbrush.

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