Are Bright Witch teas safe for pregnancy?

Unfortunately, I can’t offer medical advice and absolutely recommend checking with your doctor regarding which teas are safe for you to consume if pregnant, trying for pregnancy, or breast feeding. There are some specific herbs used in Bright Witch blends which can be unsafe during pregnancy such as hibiscus and calendula.

Is the glitter dust truly edible?

Yes! The ingredients in the sparkle dusts used in Bright Witch teas include e555 (potassium aluminium silicate, aka mica), e171 (titanium dioxide), and e172 (iron oxide). Each of these are approved by the FDA and Canada Health for use as a food additive.

I can’t decide on a flavour! Do you offer sample sizes?

I’m currently working on the logistics of making sample packs a reality! I hope to have them available in the future :)

Will the glitter make my 💩 sparkle?

No! (At least, not that I’ve noticed, but admittedly have not looked too closely! :P) The particles in the sparkle dust are incredibly fine and aren’t visible *ahem* on the other end.