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Please see shipping cut off dates for Christmas 2021 here.

The post system in Australia is currently experiencing a heavy backlog due to Covid, which is causing parcel delays both within Australia and Internationally. International parcels in particular may experience delays in customs processing.

Please keep in mind that parcels may be delayed before ordering.

I truly understand the frustration of these delays, and am very sorry if your parcel has been impacted. Please email me at if you have concerns about delivery dates, and I’ll do my best to get further information for you!

What makes Bright Witch teas so magical? ✨

Each and every blend in the Bright Witch tea shop has been selected with love for a true sensory delight! All blends contains a pinch of edible sparkles for a glittering brew that will make you feel truly magical. Each blend is one that I personally adore, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 💛

Are Bright Witch teas safe for pregnancy?

Unfortunately, I can’t offer medical advice. Please check with your doctor regarding which teas are safe for you to consume if pregnant, trying for pregnancy, or breast feeding. There are some specific herbs used in Bright Witch blends which can be unsafe during pregnancy such as hibiscus and calendula.

Will the glitter make my 💩 sparkle?

No! (At least, not that I’ve noticed, but admittedly have not looked too closely! :P) The particles in the sparkle dust are incredibly fine and aren’t visible *ahem* on the other end.

Are cheaper shipping prices available?

The shipping rates listed on the site are currently the best I’m able to offer for each region. All parcels are shipped with tracking, which can increase the expense especially for international parcels.

I’ve done my best to offset shipping prices as much as possible :) As my little tea shop grows, I will also be eligible for future discounts with my shipping provider, which will mean cheaper shipping prices for everyone! :)


Bright Witch blends may contains traces of:

Nuts: Bright Witch blends may contain traces of nuts as some blend ingredients have been processed at facilities which also process nuts.

Gluten: While no ingredients in Bright Witch blends contain gluten, blends may be prepared in shared kitchen environments where flour is used. As such it’s possible the blends may become exposed to trace amounts of airborne gluten particles.

Is the glitter dust truly edible?

Yes! The ingredients in the sparkle dusts used in Bright Witch teas include approved food additives such as: e555 (potassium aluminium silicate, aka mica), e171 (titanium dioxide), e172 (iron oxide), and e153 (vegetable carbon black).

I can’t decide on a flavour! Do you offer sample sizes?

Sample sizes are available! :) Samples offer about 5 cups’ worth of loose tea.

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I noticed the pricing sometimes changes, why is that?

This website lists prices in Australian Dollars (AUD) by default. Other currency options are calculated from the AUD listing price, and may fluctuate based on changes in exchange rate.