Marmalade’s Love Potion

A cosy fantasy novel – published serially and free to read!

Book cover for Marmalade's Love Potion featuring an ethereal enchanted forest scape in tones of purple and pinks.

Sequestered in the wilds of ethereal Faewood, Princess Penelope has spent her life yearning for love and home. Long abandoned by family and shunned by her peers, Penelope’s hopes are frail.

An unexpected invitation to the Dark Moon Ball may be her last chance to win the love of her dreams. Desperate for a fairy tale, Penelope beseeches a witch to ensure her happily ever after.

Instead, she is spelled into the path of ancient dangers, beguiling strangers, and hard truths at odds with her desires. Raising ghosts of the past that threaten more than she dreamed, Penelope must choose between the love she craves, and the path she is fated for.

  • Prologue – Fall from the Feathered Willow
    A young Princess Penelope is homesick and heartbroken at her continued isolation in the Faewood, away from her parents and the glittering lights of Starwood Palace. Her true home. As her letters to her parents continue to go unanswered, Penelope takes desperate and drastic measures to find her own way home.
  • Ch 1 – The Invitation – Pt 1
    Penelope held the pale gold garment to the light of the window for a final inspection of the stitching as chimes rang through the cottage. Mrs. Mary Walburton, ever perfectly on time. Penelope remained focused on the hemline as Sister Heely’s footsteps clipped across the polished stone of the kitchen, down the narrow hall, and came to a stop at the front door. Examining each sleeve in turn, Penelope listened as the door was opened and Mary ushered across the threshold, back down the hall, … Read more
  • Ch 1 – The Invitation – Pt 2
    Though she had gone to bed late the night before, and her sleep was restless, Penelope awoke to the blue light of dawn. The twinkle of small crystal stars, a legacy of childhood comfort, glittered from the sloped wooden ceiling where they had been strung many years prior. Penelope rose, donned her robe and slippers, and padded to the window overlooking the front garden. Weathered stepping stones lead to a small white gate, beyond which lay a winding pebble path which disappeared into the green … Read more

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