Ghosts of Grimwood ~ 3 Book & Art Print Bundle


A series of dark fantasy novelettes for your teatime reading

The Ghosts of Grimwood is a companion series of hour-long novelettes for my novel Marmalade’s Love Potion. Set in the enthralling realm of Grimwood and its bordering forest, the Darkwood, this series of tales explores ethereal dangers and haunting magics.

As standalone tales, these books can be read in any order. They can be enjoyed in isolation for a quick teatime escape, or all together for a rich adventure through eerie lore.

This bundle contains three books signed by Bright Witch, each accompanied by a mini art print featuring the cover illustration.

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All books measure 6 x 9 inches. Items will be shipped with tracking. You will receive:

  • 3 x 6×9″ print books Soft-cover | Matte finish | Signed by Bright Witch
  • 3 x A6 mini art print | 400gsm | Mix of gloss & matte finish | Features each cover illustration

Art illustrations by Zack Castro and Bright Witch.

The Hunter

When Grimwood Ranger Sadie treads deeper into the Darkwood than she ought, she witnesses a spectral secret which upends everything she thought she knew of life and death.

Enraptured by the potential of this unsettling discovery, Sadie seeks to capture powers she does not understand, forever changing her view of hunter and prey…

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Ghost Lights

Claudia’s sister, Francine, is the rising star of Alchemy, determined to achieve the impossible.

As Claudia prepares to choose her own path as a Grimwood acolyte, she is terrified her destiny will never measure up.

A choice made in haste will haunt her beyond death.

As Claudia journeys through realms of myth, struggling to hold onto the most precious fragments of herself, her sacrifices may be the key to a miracle of magic.

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Fae & Fire

As a boy of seven, Prince Ethan dreams of heroes and fiends. However, when he is woken by war bells in the dead of night, he comes face to face with terrors beyond the darkest tales.

In his efforts to keep his family safe from the haunting thrall of rising ghosts, he is faced with impossible choices that threaten to doom those he loves most.

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