Welcome to the tales of the Edenwood Cosmos, a vibrant collection of sensory fantasy stories with a dark fairy tale atmosphere that will leave you craving more…

Marmalade’s Love Potion Novel

If you love cosy slowburn romance, friends to lovers, found family, hurt/comfort, mutual pining, angst with a happy ending, magic & alchemy, and cottagecore vibes with a dash of darkness, this book is for you!

Book cover for Marmalade's Love Potion featuring an ethereal enchanted forest scape in tones of purple and pinks.

Sequestered in the wilds of ethereal Faewood, Princess Penelope has spent her life yearning for love and home. Long abandoned by family and shunned by her peers, Penelope’s hopes are waning.

An unexpected invitation to the Dark Moon Ball may be her last chance to win the love of her dreams. Desperate for a fairy tale, Penelope beseeches a witch to ensure her happily ever after.

Instead, she is spelled into the path of ancient horrors, enchanting strangers with dangerous secrets, and hard truths at odds with her desires. Raising ghosts of the past that threaten more than she dreamed, Penelope must choose between the love she craves, and the path she is fated for.

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The Ghosts of Grimwood Series

These dark fantasy novelettes offer thrilling adventures within the realm of Grimwood Village and its bordering forest, the Darkwood. These hour-long reads explore the spectral mysteries and haunting secrets of the Grimwood realm, perfect for a teatime daydream.

Photograph of three Ghost Lights novelettes: The Hunter, Ghost Lights, and Fae & Fire.

This bundle contains the first three Ghosts of Grimwood books signed by Bright Witch, each accompanied by a mini art print featuring the cover illustration.

Crafted with collectors in mind, these exquisitely illustrated covers and their companion prints will enrich any shelf.

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The Adventures of Marmot & Marmalade Tales

If you’ve read Marmalade’s Love Potion, you’ll be familiar with this particular wood witch and her chaotic companion. Spend time with this charming duo in this series of cosy teatime tales.

The red-haired witch, Marmalade, sits atop a hill overlooking the forest with her unlikely companion, a Marmot who enjoys grass scones

Marmalade is a mysterious wood witch who dwells in a hollow red tree deep in the wilds of Faewood.

Her companion (and self-appointed apprentice), Marmot, is a chaotic woodland critter with a penchant for mischief and mossy baked goods.

Together they confront the dangers of the forest, learn new magics, share tea by the hearth, and find a sense of family that stands the test of time.

Read some of their tales below!

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Edenwood Lore

All tales are set within the magical and mysterious realms of Edenwood Valley. Explore the lore of this ethereal world!

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