Photo of Sarah Louise, a woman with blue eyes and red hair holding a teacup and purple flower. In the background are a red teapot with white spots, a small vase of purple flowers, and a crystal display shelf in the shape of a luna moth.

Welcome, my dear dreamer! I’m Sarah Louise, writer, artist, and tea witch of Bright Witch Brews.


Here you’ll find the most delectable loose leaf tea blends to enchant your senses, with a pinch of edible sparkles to make you feel positively magical!

Making tea is a small ritual of love and care. A small moment of haven and comfort as we weave our way between daily tasks and responsibilities.

I want for your teatime to be a sanctuary of soul-soothing scents, flavours, and aesthetic delight.

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Teatime Tales

While you brew yourself a scrumptious pot of tea, why not curl up by your hearthside with a cosy teatime tale?

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I’m also writing a serial novel about a princess and her misadventures with alchemy in her quest to find true love and family.

It’s completely free to read, with chapters published as their written and announced via email update!

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Bright Witch Philosophy

One of the deepest joys in life is the experience of beauty. The steeping of our senses and imagination in daydreams and small tactile wonders.

With all that I create here, I want for you to experience a measure of beauty. To exhale your worries and catch a deep breath… to bask in the scent of steeping tea as your shoulders relax… and to smile at the shenanigans of endearing princesses, wild wood witches, and incorrigible woodland critters.

I want for you to feel your own magic sing.

with love & sparkles,
Sarah Louise