Photo of Sarah Louise, a woman with blue eyes and red hair holding a teacup and purple flower. In the background are a red teapot with white spots, a small vase of purple flowers, and a crystal display shelf in the shape of a luna moth.

Welcome, fellow teatime daydreamer. I’m Sarah Louise, writer, artist, and proprietor of Bright Witch.

Come immerse yourself in the art, tales, and magic of the Edenwood Cosmos, a realm where gardens spill past the feeble confines of fences and ghost lights sing in the shadows.

A realm that feels like coming home to yourself.

A realm where imagination is an act of alchemy.

🌙 Markets 2024

I’m super excited to be participating as a market stall vendor at the below Melbourne-based markets this year!

The Dark Moon Exhibition ~ April

Saturday, 20th April 2024 | 9am – 7:30pm
Moonee Valley Racing Club
Feehan Avenue, Moonee Ponds, Vic 3039

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🌙 Teatime Tales

Encompassing fantastical romances, tragic ghosts, ethereal mysteries, and intriguing mischief, the Edenwood Cosmos is a vibrant collection of sensory fantasy tales with a dark fairy tale atmosphere, perfect for reading over a cosy brew of tea.

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🌙 Art & Printable Paper Craft

Immerse yourself in this realm with printable art, journal pages, and oracle cards depicting the magic of Edenwood.

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🌙 Patreon

My Patrons get access to story polls, exclusive tales, first access to new tales and chapters, printable artwork and magical paper crafts, plus behind-the-scenes insights into the magical world of the Edenwood Cosmos!

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🌙 Bright Witch Philosophy

One of the deepest joys in life is the experience of beauty. The steeping of our senses and imagination in daydreams and small tactile wonders.

With all that I create here, I want for you to experience a measure of beauty. To exhale your worries and catch a deep breath… to bask in the scent of steeping tea as your shoulders relax… and to smile at the the playful chaos of magical forests, endearing princesses, wild wood witches, and incorrigible woodland critters.

I want for you to feel your own magic sing.

love & daydreams,
Bright Witch