Photo of Sarah Louise, a woman with blue eyes and red hair holding a teacup and purple flower. In the background are a red teapot with white spots, a small vase of purple flowers, and a crystal display shelf in the shape of a luna moth.

Welcome, fellow teatime daydreamer. I’m Sarah Louise, writer, artist, and tea witch of Bright Witch Brews.

I welcome you to a realm of enchantment and comfort. A realm where tea is more than a moment’s haven between tasks, but a magical potion of sensory wonder ready to transport you to a place of sanctuary.

A realm where ethereal forests of crystal and coral await to meet your heart and tend its needs. Where gardens spill past the feeble confines of fences, offering the gift of transmutation.

A realm where imagination is an act of alchemy.


Here you’ll find delectable blends of loose leaf tea. But not just any tea. Tea which belongs in spirit to a realm of fae and faraway. Tea which will enchant your senses with fragrance, flavour, and beauty, with a glimmering pinch of edible sparkles.

Bright Witch tea is the perfect companion for a pocket of peace and daydreams. The perfect ritual for a moment of old-world comfort as we slip through the narrow spaces between modern responsibilities. The perfect brew for minds in want of rest and inspiration.

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Teatime Tales

While you brew yourself a scrumptious pot of tea, why not curl up by your hearthside with a cosy teatime tale?

If you’re after a short and sweet daydream to tide you through a small tea break, you’ll love my tiny teatime tales!

If you’re in the mood for a longer read, I invite you to tread the crystal paths of the Faewood, explore the rebellious magics of untamed gardens and charming cottages, and fall in love with the places and people of Edenwood Valley with my novel-in-progress, Marmalade’s Love Potion.

Chapters are published serially, and are completely free to read online. Sign up for emails to receive weekly teatime tales and novel updates as they’re published!

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Art, Oracles, & Journaling

Teatime is the perfect opportunity for ritual, sensory wonder, and meditative insight. To elevate the magic of your teatime experience, I craft works of art to complement the dreamy worlds of my teatime tales, as well as printable tools for divination and journaling.

These can be found in my shop at the links below:

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Bright Witch Philosophy

One of the deepest joys in life is the experience of beauty. The steeping of our senses and imagination in daydreams and small tactile wonders.

With all that I create here, I want for you to experience a measure of beauty. To exhale your worries and catch a deep breath… to bask in the scent of steeping tea as your shoulders relax… and to smile at the the playful chaos of magical forests, endearing princesses, wild wood witches, and incorrigible woodland critters.

I want for you to feel your own magic sing.

with love & sparkles,
Sarah Louise