Sarah Louiswe of Bright Witch

Hello and welcome to Bright Witch! For me, tea is a small ritual of love and care towards ourselves and towards others.

Tea is one of those rare, special things that makes distances contract as you share a brew with a loved one over a phone call. It’s the comforting warmth on a freezing cold night as the scent of spices and honey permeate your home. It’s the refreshing splash as ice clinks and melts in a glass jug as you sit within the green of a garden. It’s the brief retreat and fortitude between chasing the sounds of small feet and wild laughter of little ones.

It’s the hint that, at the edges of these brief enchanting moments, the fae are keeping watch.

Each blend offered here has been specially chosen for quality of ingredients, scent, aesthetic, and taste, with ingredients sourced from around the world. A dash of edible sparkles ensures your cup is filled with light and a hint of magic!

With love,
Sarah Louise