Blue Moon


Blue Moon herbal tea is an ethereal blend of elderberries, blueberries, raisins, dried apple pieces, and hibiscus* and cornflower petals. The perfect evening brew with a mesmerising lunar sparkle.

Caffeine free! Available in small or large tins, as well as sample size (about 5-6 cups’ worth of brew) if you can’t quite make up your mind which blend to try!

“It’s like drinking magic!”

Macy Anise Frazier, co-host of the outstanding podcast Witch Bitch Amateur Hour

Teatime Blessing

For an even more enchanting teatime experience, use the below blessing to fill your cup with magical intent, power, and purpose. Stir your cup of tea in a clockwise fashion while reading the words below:

I resonate with the silver songs of magic. I feel the whispering hush of hidden treasures as I am beckoned towards all enchanting things.

Musings come alive within me, dreams made manifest from all realms of delight. I draw from the secret wells within myself to create, to transmute, to flourish, to thrive.

I thrum with the siren call of my own power.

Brewing Instructions

Use one teaspoon of loose leaf per cup (250ml or 8oz) of boiling water (~100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit), plus one extra if using a tea pot.

3-5 mins
~100℃ | 212℉
1 tsp


Elderberry, blueberry, currants, raisins, apple pieces, hibiscus* and cornflower petals, natural flavour, edible sparkle dust. Caffeine free. Ingredients are vegan friendly.


*Contains hibiscus, which should be avoided if you’re pregnant or trying for pregnancy.

Number of cups per package is based on an average standard serving size of 2.5g / 1 teaspoon of loose leaf per cup of tea. Cups per pack may vary depending on your own preferred serving size.


Canada, USA, Thailand, Spain.


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