There are few things I love more than a good cup of tea and losing myself in fantasies of magic.

I’m currently writing a book, which will be part of an ongoing series set in the magical realm of Edenwood Valley. If you’re in the mood for a cosy escape into worlds of magical woods, enchanted cottages, ethereal tea, and fantastical sweet cakes, put on a pot of tea and have a read!

Chapters for book one are free to read and posted below as they’re written. If you enjoy the story, sign up for email updates on new chapters as they’re published!

Raised by her governesses deep in the ethereal Faewood, it’s Penelope’s dearest wish to return to the royal courts of Edenwood Valley and prove her worth.

When Penelope receives an invitation to the Darkmoon Ball, to be hosted by the reclusive Royal House of Grimwood, it may be her last chance to re-join royal society—and her own family. After long years dwelling in their isolated cottage, Penelope’s hope for true love is rekindled.

Penelope desperately seeks the arcane in an effort to secure her destiny. Yet is unprepared for the cost of chaos…

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