I welcome you to the realm of the Edenwood Cosmos. A mystical realm of exquisite magics and ethereal dangers awaiting to enrapture hearts in want of healing…

Encompassing fantastical romances, tragic ghosts, ethereal mysteries, and intriguing mischief, the Edenwood Cosmos is a vibrant collection of tales perfect for reading over a hot brew of tea.

Experience some of the tales of Edenwood below!

Marmot & Marmalade

A tiny teatime tale

Marmalade the wood witch dwells deep within the Faewood. In this tiny tale she teaches her chaotic, scone-loving companion, Marmot, how to bake.

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Marmalade’s Love Potion

An ethereal fairy tale romance novel

Sequestered in the wilds of ethereal Faewood, Princess Penelope has spent her life yearning for love and home. Long abandoned by family and shunned by her peers, Penelope’s hopes are frail.

An unexpected invitation to the Dark Moon Ball may be her last chance to win the love of her dreams. Desperate for a fairy tale, Penelope beseeches a witch to ensure her happily ever after.

Instead, she is spelled into the path of ancient dangers, beguiling strangers, and hard truths at odds with her desires. Raising ghosts of the past that threaten more than she dreamed, Penelope must choose between the love she craves, and the path she is fated for.

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The Hunter

A Ghosts of Grimwood tale

When Ranger Sadie treads deeper into the Darkwood than she ought, she witnesses a spectral secret which upends everything she thought she knew of life and death.

Enraptured by the potential of this revolutionary discovery, Sadie seeks to capture powers she does not understand, forever changing her view of hunter and prey…

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