The Faewood trusts those who whisper kindly to its mossy branches and dew dampened corals. It trusts those who tread carefully along wild paths of stone and crystal as the moon rises before dawn. The Faewood trusts those who venture past their fear into the deeper shadows, where flowers sing themselves to sleep and do not wake until the constellations turn. The Faewood trusts those who ask permission to gather its fallen sticks and tumbled stones, and offer thanks for such gifts. The Faewood trusts…Continue Reading “The Faewood Trusts…”

The mother tree fell through the earth. Down and down, banished to the deep beneath. The abyss where her earth had once nursed all of life was cold and ringed by her grieving children. They curled their roots through earth and stone, abyss becoming cradle. The trees wept through the ages until cradle became well became lake. Known as The Tears to the creatures of Edenwood, these ancient waters are fae and fickle. Impish and sad. Restless… and dreaming of all lost things.

This is a draft map showing the realms of Edenwood Valley, the world in which the Marmot & Marmalade series of teatime tales are set, as well as the novel Marmalade’s Love Potion. The rough locations of Penelope’s cottage and Marmalade’s tree home are marked within the Faewood. The five river systems act as natural boundaries between the Royal and agricultural realms of Grimwood, Starwood, Sweetwood, Heartwood, and Wildwood. The dotted lines indicate the main infrastructure of alchemically augmented crystal roads and pathways which allow…Continue Reading “Edenwood Valley Map”

The Edenwood Cosmos is my collection of fantasy tales set within the realms of Edenwood Valley. These tales include my cosy romantic fantasy novel Marmalade’s Love Potion, the dark fantasy Ghosts of Grimwood series, and my collection of tiny teatime tales featuring the adventures of Marmot & Marmalade. You can find the details of these tales over on the Teatime Tales page! Below you’ll find an overview of Edenwood and its realms. Edenwood Valley A large valley cradled within a ring of tall and rocky…Continue Reading “What is the Edenwood Cosmos?”