The Edenwood Cosmos is my collection of fantasy tales set within the realms of Edenwood Valley. These tales include my cosy romantic fantasy novel Marmalade’s Love Potion, the dark fantasy Ghosts of Grimwood series, and my collection of tiny teatime tales featuring the adventures of Marmot & Marmalade.

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Below you’ll find an overview of Edenwood and its realms.

Edenwood Valley

A large valley cradled within a ring of tall and rocky mountains, Edenwood is home to all manner of creatures, magics, and mysteries.

Legend has it that Edenwood Valley is the cradle of life, once home to the mother tree whence all souls were birthed, now lost to time, myth, and sorrow.

A rough handdrawn map showing the landscape and features of Edenwood Valley and the realms contained within.
Edenwood Valley Map (rough)

The Tears

In the very centre of the Edenwood Valley is a large salt water lake. Legend tells this lake to be unfathomably deep. Perhaps even bottomless. Some believe it serves as the threshold between the world of the living and the world of spirits, if one were to venture deep enough…

The Rivers

Connected to The Tears are five river systems, which branch out like a star throughout Edenwood Valley. These rivers serve to divide Edenwood into distinct realms, each with its own royal governance, magical specialities, culture, crafts, and agricultural offerings.

The Faewood

The Faewood is a large ring of dense, enchanted forest encircling The Tears. It is the last place of true wild magics, resisting the increasingly aggressive agricultural advances of the surrounding realms.

The Faewood is home to the wood witch Marmalade and her chaotic companion, Marmot the groundhog. It is also home to Princess Penelope of Starwood and her beloved governesses, the Sisters.


The Darkwood is an area of particularly dense and eerie forest situated within east Faewood, growing around the banks of Grimwood River. The Rangers of Grimwood Village are particularly familiar with the spectral dangers which lurk beneath the lightless canopy of the Darkwood, feeding folk tales the villagers tell in whispers on dark nights…

The Royal Realms of Edenwood


The realm of Grimwood is home to Grimwood Village, situated on the Grimwood River and bordering the Darkwood. It is governed by the Royal House of Grimwood who, in recent times, have become reclusive from the other realms.

Grimwood is renowned for luxury goods and pioneering magical craftwork. It is a seat of immense wealth, military might, and political power.

The citizens of Grimwood value knowledge, luxury, societal advancement, and the pursuit of powers which might ensure their safety against spectral threats.


The realm of Starwood is renowned for the family of Seers which govern it, the Royal House of Starwood, as well as the Crystal Groves which supply rare and precious gems and minerals. The Seers of Starwood command both respect and apprehension throughout the realms of Edenwood.

The wealth and military power of Starwood is second only to Grimwood, and the two realms have a long history of co-operative, if sometimes tense, alliance.

The citizens of Starwood value education, foresight, political prudence, and peace.


Sweetwood is home to a sprawling, market-like city from which the Royal House of Sweetwood govern. Renowned for all manner of quality and artisanal crafts and produce, Sweetwood is a realm of abundance, and supplies much of Edenwood’s fruits, horses, spices, and wine.

The citizens of Sweetwood value fair labour, and relish the fruits of their efforts.


Settled between the two largest and most complex river systems in Edenwood Valley, Heartwood is a realm renowned for fishing and river produce. They also manufacture boats, carriages, and woodcrafts of unsurpassed quality.

One of the most humble realms in Edenwood Valley, the citizens of Heartwood value integrity of both craft and conduct in all things.


Wildwood is populated by many clans and smaller Royal Houses. Many clans are nomadic, while some have settled into more permanent villages.

The inhabitants of Wildwood are hardened to the dangers of the forest in which they dwell. They have learned to respect and navigate the outer thickets of Faewood rather than tame the forest into submission through agricultural clearing as other realms have done.

They value freedom, exploration, adventure, and ritualism which fosters deeper relationships with nature and the seasons.

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