Hand drawn map of the realms, rivers, and forests contained within Edenwood Valley, showing the locations of the Royal houses, Princess Penelope's cottage, and Marmalade's tree in the Faewood.

This is a draft map showing the realms of Edenwood Valley, the world in which the Marmot & Marmalade series of teatime tales are set, as well as the novel Marmalade’s Love Potion.

The rough locations of Penelope’s cottage and Marmalade’s tree home are marked within the Faewood.

The five river systems act as natural boundaries between the Royal and agricultural realms of Grimwood, Starwood, Sweetwood, Heartwood, and Wildwood.

The dotted lines indicate the main infrastructure of alchemically augmented crystal roads and pathways which allow for speedier travel within and between realms.

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