Marmalade’s Love Potion

A cosy romantic fantasy novel – published serially and free to read!

Book cover for Marmalade's Love Potion featuring an ethereal enchanted forest scape in tones of purple and pinks.

Long abandoned by her family and shunned by the courts, Princess Penelope has spent her life yearning for love and the chance to return home. Sequestered in the wilds of ethereal Faewood, Penelope’s hopes are all but lost when an unexpected invitation arrives… 

The Dark Moon Ball may prove her last chance to win the love she craves.

Desperate for a fairy tale, Penelope meddles with magic she doesn’t understand. Instead, she is spelled into the path of ancient terrors, beguiling strangers with dangerous secrets, and hard truths at odds with her hopes.

Raising ghosts of the past that threaten all she desires, Penelope must choose between the love of her dreams, and the path she is fated for.

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Ghosts of Grimwood

A series of stand-alone novelettes perfect for witchy lovers of cosy-dark fantasy.

Enjoy each tale in isolation for a pocket-sized teatime reading experience, or collect them all and immerse yourself in the haunting thrall of Grimwood’s lore.

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Adorn your space with the magic of Edenwood with mini prints, frameable wall art, and printable paintings!

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Invoke the magic and wisdom of Edenwood with printable oracle decks, perfect for a quick and easy daily draw!

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The red-haired witch, Marmalade, sits atop a hill overlooking the forest with her unlikely companion, a Marmot who enjoys grass scones

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