Cosy-dark fantasy is my own blend of cosy fantasy and dark fantasy, bringing the two genres together in tales that are as unsettling as they are enchanting.

Cosy-dark fantasy is:

✨ Teatime with a wood witch who has walked hard and brambled paths for longer than the heart can withstand.

✨ A world of beautiful ghosts who keep watch over their own bones and dance until their funeral flowers wilt.

✨ Dappled sunlight on a forgotten grave.

✨ Moss and mushrooms glittering with the malice of an ancient forest.

✨ Fae lights singing from the hollows of a grieving tree.

✨ Tales of magic and heartache, of exquisite horrors and bittersweet victories. Of truths found in chaos and hope found in loss. Of love found in lonely shadows.

Find cosy-dark tales for teatime reading below…

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