Jack squinted at the pumpkin that would soon scowl back with its new face. His cousins squawked and made piles of orange mess as they scooped seeds for roasting. No longer would his carvings wilt, disappointed. This year, Jack would redeem his art. With apprehension and resigned curiosity, Jack bit into his first seed, hot from the farmhouse oven. Visions of ghoulish grins and winking hollow eyes shifted and twisted. Bite after bite, the visage refined itself into one both cheery and grotesque. Nana Sally…Continue Reading “Jack’s Lantern”

The pretty bones all fit together, pearlescent pieces of a walking puzzle. They tumble across brown grass in a semblance of the living as magic replicates sinew. The air is crisp, almost like the old stories of blue and blue and blue. Tears are too clear, too much like ghosts. If only the bones could grow as they once did. The spirits that once commanded rabbit, sparrow, dog, and fox have passed. Mayhap a new spirit, one still living, might command old bones for new…Continue Reading “Raising Ghosts”