The Bright Witch Patreon is a cosy realm of enchanting tales, magical art, and poetic charms for your teatime daydreams.

Welcome, my fellow daydreamer! I’m Sarah Louise, writer, artist, and tea witch of Bright Witch Brews, living and crafting in Melbourne, Australia. ✨

Teatime Tales

If you’re familiar with my tea and my teatime tales, I think you’ll absolutely LOVE what I have to offer my patrons on Patreon! While I publish my novel chapters and many of my tiny teatime tales for free, either here on my website or to my email list, I also have an abundance of art, lore, and additional stories which I share with my Patrons.

Daydream Magic

I’m also sharing insights into my own personal practice of teatime daydreaming for magic, manifestation, and self alchemy. I’ll be sharing instructional guides for daydreaming as a spiritual practice, as well as lyrical daydream charms and journaling prompts for treading the wandering, wonderous pathways home to our own selves.

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Magic & Sanctuary

I’m creating tales, art, and daydream charms which are bringing to life a realm of enchantment and sanctuary. A realm of quiet magics and deep knowing. A realm where gardens spill past the feeble confines of fences, seeking to meet those whose hearts are open.

This realm has lived in my mind for nearly ten years, and has been actualising itself in small glimpses here and there. Within a scribbled sketch. Between the words of a small poem. In a daydream delivered on astral winds.

The world of Edenwood Valley, of the Faewood, and all that lives beneath and between, has taken shape.

It is eager to spill out past my own fences to meet those who dream of self alchemy. Who transmute their imaginations, their loves, their pains, and their dreams into an even greater work of magic.

​These gardens are for those who wish to tread the winding and wonderous pathways home to their truest selves.

Everything I offer is an invitation to step into this realm, this garden of self-creation and wild spirits. To rest. To play. To make magic out of daydreams.

If the idea of this world resonates, I invite you to join my growing community of teatime daydreamers over on Patreon.

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About Edenwood Valley

Edenwood Valley is the magical realm in which my novel chapters, and many of my teatime tales, are set. It’s a place of enchantment and transmutation. Of magic and mystery. Of wonders and terrors, both eerie and ethereal.

There is so much I want to share about its history and lore, its characters, and the secrets it holds…

This world is utterly fascinating to me, and I want to share its magic with others in a way that is as vivid, immersive, and transformative as my own experience of it!

About Patreon

Patreon is a platform which allows patrons to support their favourite artists via monthly subscription.

The Bright Witch Patreon is where I share all my extra story lore, plus first access to new stories, and printable downloads of story artwork. It’s also where I invite patrons to collaborate on my stories by voting on story ideas, and join in on community discussions in the comments!

I absolutely treasure the support of all my patrons, and am so grateful for the honour of sharing the work of my heart’s fascination.

I have three tiers of support:

$1 USD – Stir The (Tea)pot Tier

  • Tale Polls: All patrons will get to vote on upcoming tea tale ideas, as well as how aspects of how my novel—and the world of Edenwood Valley—unfold!

$3 USD – Teatime Reader

In addition to Tale Polls, Teatime Readers get access to:

  • Teatime Tales: Exclusive teatime tales to inspire your daydreams as you steep a fresh pot of tea! This includes my series the Ghosts of Grimwood.
  • First Access to new chapters: Patrons get early access to all new novel chapters and tea tales before they’re shared with the public. You can also share your thoughts on each chapter in the post comments!
  • Community: Become a part of the community and share your thoughts or ask questions on chapters and tales! I can’t wait to get to know you and share a daydream or two in a place of magic and enchantment.

$5 USD – Teatime Daydreamer

In addition to all previous benefits, Teatime Daydreamers get access to:

  • Teatime Daydreams for Magical Practice: Insights into my personal practice of teatime daydreaming for self alchemy and manifestation. Lyrical daydreams crafted with magical intent to inspire self reflection and magical power.
  • Printable Digital Art: Pieces of magical artwork based on the realms of Edenwood Valley for you to download in high resolution and use as a digital wall paper, or print at home for decoration!
  • Story Lore & Behind the scenes: Deeper insights into the lore and history of Edenwood Valley, as well as sneak peeks behind-the-scenes of my creative process!

By becoming a patron, you will gain access to all previous posts published for that tier! It’s also easy to cancel or change your support tier to suit your needs and finances. Any and all support is so deeply, truly appreciated!

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What your support means to me

Each and every patron is absolutely treasured! It’s so important to me that the stories I share publicly are accessible to as many readers as possible. I think everyone deserves to experience the magic of Edenwood Valley!

With the support of patrons on Patreon, I’ll not only be able to share the fine and fascinating details of a realm I adore, but I’ll also be better able to continue publishing my novel chapters and more tiny teatime tales for everyone to enjoy freely!

Every bit of support is received with utmost love and gratitude, whether you continue to enjoy my free tea tales and story chapters, or choose to support me on Patreon.

Thank you so much! May your cup be filled with love and daydreams.

Sarah Louise | Bright Witch