Dear Daydreamer

I’m trying out a new style of post, the Bright Witch Digest ✨ In these letters I’ll be offering a quick recap of everything I’ve been up to for the past month.

In this month’s digest you’ll find:

Shop updates ~ What’s new in the shop and other creative projects.

Coven updates ~ The latest tales, chapters, and printables posted to my daydreamer coven on Patreon across all membership tiers.

A little bit of magic ~ A quick teatime ritual to invite magic into your day.

Here’s the round up for November 💛

love & daydreams,
Bright Witch

The Shop

Mini Art Print Drop

I’ve been a busy bee this month, especially with making new art!

I’ve just added 15 brand new mini art prints depicting the magic of Edenwood and its enchanting realms to my shop.

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