Witches Wassail


Wassail is a festive pagan tradition featuring spiced wine or cider, oft paired with a finger of spiced toast for dipping. The term ‘wassail’ stems from the Anglo-Saxon phrase ‘waes hael’, meaning ‘good health’!

Raise a toast with a comforting mug of Witches’ Wassail tea, fragrant with the scent of cosy mulled spices and a flavour reminiscent of fruity mince pies. The twinkling sparkle of edible glitter makes for a truly bewitching brew!

3-5 mins
~100℃ | 212℉
1-2 tsp


Sri Lanka / Vietnam.


Use 1-2 teaspoons of loose blend per cup (250ml or 8oz) of boiling water (~100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit), plus one extra if using a tea pot. Steep loose blend using a tea infuser, or strain while pouring.


Black tea, cinnamon, cloves, jasmine flowers, natural flavours, edible sparkle dust. Contains caffeine. Ingredients are vegan friendly.