Whispered Wishes


Whispered Wishes is a bright and gentle blend of chamomile flowers, rose petals, and dried ginger. A particularly beautiful tea, this brew is both calming and uplifting, with a flash of golden sparkles to inspire wishes.

Teatime Blessing

For an even more enchanting teatime experience, use the below blessing to fill your cup with magical intent, power, and purpose. Stir your cup of tea in a clockwise fashion while reading the words below:

I am the kind who sprinkles starlight in my tea. The kind who sips on dreams and blows kisses to the wind.

I am the kind to hold my own hand when the night rises, and who sings to the moon to chase away the shadows.

3-5 mins
~100℃ | 212℉
1 tsp


Egypt, Italy, Thailand.


Use one teaspoon of loose leaf per cup (250ml or 8oz) of boiling water (~100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit), plus one extra if using a tea pot.


Chamomile, rose petals, ginger, edible sparkle dust. Caffeine free. Ingredients are vegan friendly.