Printable Spell Cards – Faewood Moon Magic


Looking to connect more deeply with the moon for magic, manifestation, and personal transformation? This printable deck of moon magic spell cards is the perfect tool for self alchemy!

Compact and transportable with an accompanying printable envelope, this pocket-sized altar kit makes it simple and easy to work your magic alongside the moon.

Featuring original, hand-painted art inspired by the Faewood, this lunar deck is crafted to assist personal transmutation, harnessing the power of each moon phase throughout a full lunar cycle.

INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. No physical goods will be shipped.



✧ A4 & US Letter sizes of the below:

  • 1 x ‘Cards’ PDF File (includes 8 double sided cards)
  • 1 x ‘Envelope’ PDF file

✧ 1 x Instructions document (includes: card details, tea ritual, tips for working with the cards, manifestation ideas, example, and printing instructions)


There are 8 double sided cards included in the deck. The front side of each card features original artwork lovingly hand painted by Sarah Louise of Bright Witch.

✧ Instructions Card ✧

An art card with instructions has been included. The art can be placed in your journal, or on your desk or altar for inspiration during the month.

✧ Affirmation Card ✧

An affirmation card has been included to outline your overall transmutation goals and journey for the lunar cycle to keep you focused throughout the month.

✧ Moon Phase Dates Card ✧

Write the dates of the upcoming moon phases for the next lunar cycle, beginning with the New Moon, and ending with the Dark Moon.

✧ Moon Phase Cards ✧

Five cards have been included for the moon phases of:

  • New Moon (new beginnings)
  • Waxing Moon (growth and momentum)
  • Full Moon (peak manifestation and power)
  • Waning Moon (rest and release)
  • Dark Moon (completion, closure, and reflection)

Each moon phase card contains an affirmation appropriate to the moon phase, as well as space to write in greater detail your own personal focus for transmutation and manifestation.


For personal use only. This content may not be reproduced, redistributed, or sold. Copyright ©2022 Bright Witch. If you experience any issues or have any questions, please contact me via email.