Printable Oracle Deck – Teatime With Marmalade


Are you looking for words of comfort and timeless wisdom from a realm of fae and faraway? This is the perfect printable oracle deck for you!

The ‘Teatime With Marmalade Oracle’ is a 60 card deck with wise words from the wood witch of Faewood. Printable DECK BOX included for convenience of storage and card protection!

In her heart of hearts, Marmalade stands for freedom of magic, honesty of spirit, and alchemy of the self. Call upon Marmalade as you consult this deck for guidance, wisdom, comfort, and spiritual direction.

INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. No physical goods will be shipped.



When printed at 100% scale, card size is 62mm x 93mm.


You will receive a link to a Google Drive folder containing the below files.

1 x A4 Oracle Deck Card PDF file (12 pages) containing:

  • 60 x oracle cards
  • 1 x Tea ritual card
  • 1 x Marmalade information card
  • 1 x Tips for connecting with your deck card
  • 5 x colour options for card backs (including 2 x ink saver options)

1 x A4 Oracle Deck Box PDF file (2 pages) containing:

  • 1 x deck box (tuck box) front design
  • 1 x deck box (tuck box) cut & fold template

1 x PDF file with printing instructions

1 x BONUS PDF tiny teatime tale, ‘Marmot & Marmalade’


  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes
  • Breath deeply while thinking of a query you would like guidance on
  • Shuffle the deck with your query in mind, draw a card
  • Sit with the card’s message and allow your intuition to guide your interpretation


  • Download your files (printing instructions included).
  • Open the oracle deck PDF and print the front pages (pages 1-7) at 100% scale.
  • Choose which of the back options (pages 8-12) you would like for your cards.
  • Flip your pages for reverse-side printing and print your chosen back side.
  • Cut your cards for use!


For personal use only. This content may not be reproduced, redistributed, or sold. Artwork created with Dream. Copyright ©2022 Bright Witch. If you experience any issues or have any questions, please contact me via email.