Marmalade’s Love Potion – Tea, Tale & Art Print Set


This set is the perfect teatime companion for those who enjoy a charming read, lovingly hand-crafted art prints, and a delectable cup of tea enchanted with loving intent.

Whether a gift for yourself or a loved one, this set is sure to conjure honey-warm feelings of comfort, delight, and a sense of being deeply treasured.

This bundle contains:

  • Enchanted Whispered Wishes tea
  • Tea tale booklet with handprinted cover
  • Handprinted set of 4 art cards
  • Hand-stamped drawstring bag

Enchanted tea

This bundle contains a sample of Whispered Wishes tea, specially enchanted at the Bright Witch altar with the intent to draw in love.

Rose petals and camomile buds are wonderful for attracting love, beauty, and peace, with a little ginger for spice and energy! This blend contains edible sparkles for a truly magical looking brew.

Sample packet contains enough loose blend for approximately 5 cups of tea.

For more information about this blend, please view the Whispered Wishes product page.

Tea Tale Booklet

This set includes a charming teatime tale telling the story of how Marmalade the wood witch brewed a love potion to help her forlorn forest friend see himself through new eyes.

This tale is ~1000 words, printed at A6 size (4.1 x 5.8 inch) with a lovingly handprinted cover and hand-stitched booklet binding.

This story pairs with Marmalade’s Potion – Book One, an ongoing web novel by Bright Witch with serially published chapters. Novel chapters are free to read online!

Handprinted Art Cards

This bundle comes with 4 x A6 sized (4.1 x 5.8 inch) Love Potion art cards, hand-printed on brown kraft, cream, lavender, and navy card stock.

These cards can be used as note cards for loved ones, displayed in frames, pasted into journals as decoration, or even used as manifestation cards to attract love!

Hand-stamped Bright Witch Bag

This set comes bundled within a hand-stamped cotton drawstring bag, perfect for keeping your set safely together, or for repurposing to keep your tarot cards, crystals, or other treasured trinkets safe!

As these bundles are hand crafted with loving care and attention, they are stocked in limited quantities. Be sure to get yours before they sell out!

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