Faerie Garden


Faerie Garden green tea is a gentle blend of strawberry and papaya flavours, with sparkly fruit pieces. The fresh, sweet scent brings to mind the dappled green of secret gardens, with the magical sparkle of fae treasures.

Teatime Blessing

For an even more enchanting teatime experience, use the below blessing to fill your cup with magical intent, power, and purpose. Stir your cup of tea in a clockwise fashion while reading the words below:

I hear whispers dressed in green and shades of deep earth. I draw upwards from the deepest wells of nature to replenish all good things within me. The playful bells of fae ring from dappled shadows, enticing me to chase dreams and catch magic with both hands.

Brewing Instructions

Use one teaspoon of loose leaf per cup (250ml of 8oz) of hot water (~80 degrees celcius or 185 degrees fahrenheit), plus one extra if using a tea pot.

3-5 mins
~80℃ | 185℉
1 tsp


Green tea, strawberry pieces, papaya pieces, natural flavours, edible sparkle dust. Contains caffeine. Ingredients are vegan friendly.




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