A series of dark fantasy tales for your teatime daydreams…

These hour-long dark fantasy novelettes offer vivid and thrilling adventures within the realm of Grimwood Village and its bordering forest, the Darkwood. As a companion series for my novel, Marmalade’s Love Potion, these tales explore the darker elements of the Edenwood Cosmos.

Explore enchanted forests, winding gothic towns, and ethereal paths through the underworld. Tread through haunted shadows, follow siren song into the deep woods, and play with fire while chasing dreams of impossible magic.

As standalone tales, these books can be read in any order. Enjoy them individually for a quick and immersive teatime daydream. Or read them all together for a sensory rich journey through a sprawling world of ethereal lore and spectral creatures that will leave you craving more…

Book & Art Print Bundle

Photograph of three Ghost Lights novelettes: The Hunter, Ghost Lights, and Fae & Fire.

This bundle contains the first three Ghosts of Grimwood books signed by Bright Witch, each accompanied by a mini art print featuring the cover illustration.

Crafted with collectors in mind, these exquisitely illustrated covers and their companion prints will add beauty to any shelf.

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Individual eBook & Print Books

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