Surrender your senses to a dreamy blend of loose leaf tea. But not just any tea. A tea which belongs in spirit to a realm of fae and faraway, where daydreams come to life.

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Put on a pot of tea and surrender your imagination to daydreams of magic and mischief with my teatime tales.

The red-haired witch, Marmalade, sits atop a hill overlooking the forest with her unlikely companion, a Marmot who enjoys grass scones

Tiny teatime tales

My tiny teatime tales are poem-length fairytales. Sign up to my email list to get free teatime tales delivered straight to the cosy haven of your inbox!

To see what they’re all about, have a read of my tale ‘Marmot & Marmalade’ below.

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Penelope Starwood, a black woman with curly hair stands at her cottage window wearing a teal dress, enjoying the scents of a summer breeze

Marmalade’s Love Potion – Free Novel

A free to read novel, published as chapters are written and updated via email!

Raised by her governesses deep in the ethereal Faewood, it’s Penelope’s dearest wish to return to the royal courts of Edenwood Valley and prove her worth.

When Penelope receives an invitation to the Darkmoon Ball, to be hosted by the reclusive Royal House of Grimwood, it may be her last chance to re-join royal society—and her own family. After long years dwelling in their isolated cottage, Penelope’s hope for true love is rekindled.

Her adventures see her tread roads of crystal, traverse ethereal forests of luminous coral, cross paths with a mysterious wood witch and her incorrigible companion, and confront the ancient magics of her heritage.

Yet Penelope is unprepared for the cost of chaos…

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Home printed artwork and eBook pages surrounded by flowers and paper craft decorations

Ghosts of Grimwood

A series of hour long reads with companion illustrations.

Fallen in love with the realms of Edenwood Valley?

Immerse yourself in the spectral histories and spooky lore of Grimwood Village and its surrounding forests in this new series of short stories, the Ghosts of Grimwood.

About an hour’s read in length, the first of these tales, The Hunter, is available below as a PDF eBook, and is paired with a downloadable companion illustration for printing at home or enjoying as digital wallpaper.

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