Teatime Ritual

Choose Your Cup

Choose a cup that feels like the moon in your hands, filled with the promise of magic and beauty.

Choose Your Brew

Choose a blend that speaks to your truest sense of self, singing forth your deepest dreams of enchantment.

(I recommend Blue Moon, an ethereal tisane with elderberry, apple, cornflower, and lunar sparkles!)

Steep Your Senses

As you steep, surrender your senses to the scent, the steam, the warmth of your brew. Savour the colours as they come to life in ethereal tendrils. Stir slowly and pour with heart-made care.

Sip With Intent

As you sip, immerse yourself in the teatime daydream below, an intentful fantasy for peace and renewal.

Try Blue Moon

The perfect lunar brew for a teatime steeped in magic and mysteries ✨

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Teatime Daydream

In the heart of the Faewood, under the light of a blue moon, there grows a very special kind of berry. Tart and sweet, it is the colour of midnight in a clear winter sky.

This berry catches the light of the moon and countless stars winking from the depths of the cosmos. 

Within its stem and fruit, this berry transmutes the songs of stars carried upon silvern light, spinning them like diamond sugar into a remedy for the deepest of aches.

As you move through the Faewood on this particular night, when the full moon is glowing high above the clouds, you follow the scent of elderberries and sweet flowers. 

Lunar moths with shimmering wings ghost through the mauve and gold ferns, lighting the path ahead.

You spy a hollow in a rough-barked tree, dressed in moss and the tiny lights of silverbell blooms. From this hollow spills a small shrub laden with ripe berries and blue flowers. Under your lightest touch, these gifts fall from their cradle into your waiting palm.

You gather berry and flower, leaf and stem. You place them in a cup of clay and wander deeper through the foliage, until you find a pearlescent pool of crystal water. You fill your cup to brimming and drop into it a glowing amber stone from your pocket.

As the stone heats the waters and your brew steeps, tendrils of glittering ink seep from the berries, illuminated by the stone’s ethereal glow. 

You surrender your senses to the lullaby which rises from your cup. Not exactly a sound, nor even a whisper, but the silent echo of the nameless language of stars singing of peace and rest and easing tides.

You sip and feel the dreams of stars illuminate your spirit. 

You sip and feel the glimmer of moonlight crest the tides of your inner cosmos. 

You sip and feel the salted waters of your truest essence flowing to the rhythms of the blue moon, rinsing you clean in hushed and rolling waves.

All the aches of your soul spill from your mind and body, down and deep into the earth where they will be cleansed and serve to grow new flowers.

Finishing your cup, you tip the dregs to the forest floor, an offering of renewal. 

As you wend the secret paths of an enchanted forest, towards home, you feel reborn. Resplendent. Free.

Try Blue Moon

The perfect lunar brew for a teatime steeped in magic and mysteries ✨

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