Four teaspoons heaped with the four different tea blends included in this bundle. From left to right: Whispered Wishes herbal blend, Ritual At Dawn rooibos and floral blend, Ritual At Dusk rooibos and spices blend, and Blue Moon berry and floral blend.

20% clearance sale! These sampler boxes contain 8 x tea taster sachets of Bright Witch blends, including blends which may not be restocked in future!

Each sampler sachet contains about 5 cups worth of tea, perfect for trying new favourites.

All blends contain edible glitter for a truly cosmic brew!

Blends Included

Blue Moon ~ The shop favourite berry blend!
Midnight Cauldron ~ Black tea with safflower petals and notes of caramel
Faerie Garden ~ Green tea with strawberry and papaya
Astral Dreams ~ Black tea with bergamot and lavender
Ritual At Dusk ~ Spice rooibos with orange, cinnamon, and ginger
Ritual At Dawn ~ Sweet rooibos blend with berries, florals, and rosehip
Summer Solstice ~ Black tea with apricot and peach
Whispered Wishes ~ Soothing herbal blend with rose, camomile, and ginger


Blends contain ingredients which should be avoided if pregnant or trying for pregnancy.

Number of cups per package is based on an average standard serving size of 2.5g / 1 teaspoon of loose leaf per cup of tea. Cups per pack may vary depending on your own preferred serving size.